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We design programs across sectors and demographics. All our programs are designed to move beyond skills and create a lasting change. 

Why choose us?

Our mantra is "Moving Beyond Skills": we believe that to create lasting change the person's behavior and attitude need to be changed. Only then can they use the skills. All our programs, big or small, have elements of introspection, self-awareness, sharing different perspectives and practicing new behaviors, creating a lasting change. 

There are many organizations in the market which create customized journeys for their clients. Many others who use the words 'Experiential Learning'  'Inner Potential' and  'Co-creationwhen they describe their programs. Yet despite these promising words, the programs fail to deliver and it becomes "yet another program'​. So why are we different from the rest? Why should you choose us?

Experiential Learning goes beyond conducting games: for many, experiential learning is about playing games/activities to talk about a behavior. While that is experiential, our pedagogy moves beyond that. True experiential learning involves connecting to thoughts and feelings that the person undergoes and bringing it alive for them.  We deliver that in our programs

We believe in transformation and not simply change:  Change is external, almost a reaction to something. Transformation is internal, it is the way in which people evolve and grow. We believe that through our programs we facilitate transformation of people and not just bring about a change. 

Our Process

Step 1

Organization expresses interest and shares their requirement. We visit the organization to understand their need better

We meet with various stakeholders in the organization to get a sense of the need. We share our understanding of the organizational need

Step 2

Step 3

Create a basic overview of the intervention and share with the organization for feedback

Conduct the intervention as planned and take feedback from stakeholders and organization

Step 5

Step 4

Finalize the design and prepare the material for the session

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