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Our story

our story

When I started my career, I would conduct skill based Leadership  Programs for Organizations. Soon in my journey I realized that  skill based intervention, however interactive, and powerful wasn't enough. I believed that 'change' was not enough. For people to be able to achieve their full potential, live a life aligned to their vision and be content and successful in life, the 'transformation' had to come from within. And thus, with this belief firm in my mind, I set out to achieve my personal vision through this organization

N-abl was born with the vision  that people have the innate ability for compassion, to look within and to achieve greatness. Our dream was to create an organization which facilitated the transformation journeys of people and in turn organizations, so that they could achieve the greatness within and create a world where there is compassion, acceptance of the other and dignity of life. Having experienced this transformation ourselves, we understand it's power and want to share this joy with as many as we can. Our belief is that true transformation happens when people are able to reflect on their current behaviors and attitudes, engage with different perspectives and practice new behaviors.  We aim to provide that in all our workshops. 

Lasting behavior change does not happen in a matter of hours. It requires time and support for the participant. The participant must try out the new behaviors and see the benefits of the same, before they can 'own it'. We understand this and therefore we believe in creating journey based programs for lasting change. 

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