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The Leap

"Change is inevitable; Growth is optional"

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Nurturing Abilities Beyond Limits



N-abl was started with the thought that each one of us has the intrinsic ability for compassion, empathy, to look within and to achieve greatness. These abilities are often covered by self doubt, ego and self-limiting beliefs. 

Our vision is to unleash the hidden potential of people and in turn organizations so that we create a world that is compassionate, inclusive and where there is dignity of life. 

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Our Programs


Purposeful Leader

We offer cutting edge leadership programs, for the leaders of tomorrow. Our bespoke leadership programs are curated keeping in mind the reality of the leader and the organizational needs. 

All of programs focus on behaviors, self reflection, changing perspectives and practical application of new behaviors and attitudes. Our motto is to go "Beyond Skills"

We have two flagship programs

1. The UBUNTU Leadership program

2. Women's Leadership Program

Purposeful Self

Purposeful self are programs designed for individuals who want to explore their hidden potential, expand their boundaries, move beyond their self-limiting beliefs and achieve greatness. 

All programs are curated to give the participant experience of self-reflection, self awareness, changing perspectives and practicing new behaviors and skills in the session. 

Our flagship programs include

1. Human Transformation Journey

2. Changing Gears program


Purposeful Organization

These programs are designed for the organizations of the future. It is for organizations who want to move beyond their current capabilities, solve organizational problems and create an organization that has a purpose. 

These programs are curated with the organization, based on the organizational reality and the problem that they are trying to solve. 



Deepak Sharma, Director, Udayan Care


The facilitator approach and the process of conducting the session was quite different than the normal workshops and training sessions. It had a practical approach and it in fact helped to understand various concepts in a more effective manner. 

IDFC bank, "Customer Service with a Difference" (Sept' 2019)

Easy language used, the issues discussed here were related to the one's we are facing at work. Very positive session. She is indeed a great facilitator)

Anji Hallewalle, Coach, Natural Genius Academy

Anu has a wonderful ability to hold a reflective space during her workshops, for her clients to gain the insights they need. She is focused, patient and purpose-driven to ensure her clients get the intended outcome. 

Roma Balwani

Sr. Director at Vedanata Resources Limited

I have had the opportunity to interact with Anushree during a potential consulting  project. I was impressed with her maturity in structuring the contours of the project. She demonstrated expertise which I thought was gained over and above her experience.

pictorial memories

IDFC parents as coaches
IDFC parents as coaches _2
IDFC customer service_North zone
Communication: open program
IDFC customer service_south zone
Customer service_West zone
Parents as coaches_Kohinoor school
Student leadership program_national
Student leadership program_National
Parents as coaches_Kohinoor school
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